Having started to produce plumbing materials from plastic and metal raw materials in 1997, our company has been adapting to the innovative structure of the sector by expanding its product range and production capacity with the investments it made in 2007. The complementary materials of the leading companies producing the world's leading ceramics and sanitary ware are one of the main specialties of İz Yapı and it has become one of the leading companies of this industry all over the world.  In 2009, our company got its investment level to the top and settled in Beylikdüzü Organize Sanayi Bölgesi with 5500 m2 closed and 1000 m2 open area and has expanded its possibilities to produce many different items.

Today, production capacity of 150 tons of plastic per month and 40 tons of metal processing capacity continues to be produced with 92% capacity. Our company manufactures various plastic and metal processing molds in its own high-tech mold processing machines with its experienced technical staff. Thus, we make original designs in line with the demands of our industry and present them to the use of valuable business partners.

Our company continues to offer quality and visionary products to its customers with its exports to more than 40 countries as well as to be found in many sales points and all DYI markets in Turkey with the activities it has been showing since the day it was established.